As part of the Agricultural and Rural Development Authority’s (ARDA) Turnaround Plan, the Authority has implemented a Strategic Partnership with Sinotex Corporation Limited (Sinotex), one of the largest textile companies in China, and formed a 51/49% Joint Venture Company called CHINARDA (PVT) LTD (CHINARDA). The Joint Venture Company was established in 2014 so as to multiply and market the Government of Zimbabwe’s bred Cotton Seed varieties namely CRI MS1 and Albar SZ 9314 Cotton Seed varieties, starting from the 2014/15 Agricultural Season. The two (2) Parties noted and agreed that Zimbabwe has a huge potential to increase cotton production for not only meeting Sinotex’s but also a portion of the Global Lint demand/requirements.


The Joint Venture Company (JVC) that was formed between ARDA and Chinatex Investments (Pvt) Ltd, entered into another separate Arrangement with the Department of Research and Specialist Services (DRSS) for research and development of Cotton Breeder Seed on a 4ha plot at Kadoma Cotton Research Institute to commence implementation of the Project.


The Objectives of the Joint Venture Company are:-

  • To establish, finance and initially develop four (4) hectares of cotton seeds in the Republic of Zimbabwe at the Kadoma Cotton Research Institute (KCRI)’s in the first year, for seed production, processing and research as well as improving the cotton seed quality;
  • To promote seed multiplication in the second and third year at selected ARDA Estates, A2 and/or small-scale farmers; and
  • To both process, package and sell the Cotton Seed to farmers, from third (3rd) year going forward.


The JVC, Chinarda (Pvt) Ltd, started off the multiplication of cotton seed with 4 hectares during the 2013/14 Season at the Cotton Research Institute (CRI) in Kadoma. The Cotton Seed Research and Multiplication Project expanded during the 2014/15 Summer Season with 102ha of cotton seed having been planted at ARDA Jotsholo Estate