The Authority’s Strategic Objectives are as follows:-

1.1 Short-term Objective(s)

  • To achieve/return viability and profitability in all Estates through  increased production of crops and livestock, improved productivity (Yields) and capacity utilisation of all Estates anchored on efficient utilization of available financial, physical, human, and technological resources emphasizing on each Estate’s area of excellence; and
  • To create a transformed ARDA Organisational Culture by putting in place and systematically implementing comprehensive strategy, supportive corporate governance, human resources, financial and administrative systems and processes.

1.2 Medium to Long Term Objectives

  • To grow the business of the Authority and consequently its profitability through focused Estate differentiation, strengthening of Strategic Partnerships and development of Agro-processing and Value Addition Ventures and Subsidiaries;


  • To improve the productivity and income levels of  Communal, A1 and A2 Farmers in the catchment  communities of all ARDA Estates through provision of technical support services to cropping and livestock programmes as well as designing and implementing Project Specific Interventions to boost production, marketing and household Incomes; and


  • To spearhead the advancement of Agricultural Production and Rural Development in Zimbabwe. Principally ARDA will do this through establishment of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) at all Estates together with vibrant Out-grower Schemes and Service Centres in the communal, A1 and A2 Resettlement Farming Areas.