Background Information

The Zimbabwe Agro-Industrial Development Agency (ZAGRINDA) (Pvt) Ltd, the brainchild of His Excellency, The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Cde R.G Mugabe and the late Vice President, Cde Joshua N. Nkomo, was established twenty (20) years ago as a Joint Venture (JV) between the Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (ARDA) and the Development Trust of Zimbabwe (DTZ).  The late Vice President (VP), Cde Joshua N. Nkomo, had a passion to see mostly the Rural Zimbabweans empowered through Agriculture, Value Addition and Beneficiation.


It was set up in 1995 with two (2) fruit (tomato, mango and guava) processing plants, one in Norton and another meant for Esigodini, as part of a vertical integration strategy to stimulate rural production of high value crops. The equipment of the two (2) plants was imported from an Italian company, Bertuzzi, with funding support guaranteed by Zimbabwe Government’s Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.

Both the Norton and Esigodini Plants have the design capacity as follows:-

  • Raw Materials:                                          Tomatoe, mango & guava
  • Processing Capacity:                                  100 tons per day
  • Recovery Rate:                                         Tomato, Mango and Guava: 10%
  • Plant running time:                                    12 hours
  • Working Days per Annum:                          240 days
  • Daily Raw Materials  Requirements:              60 Tons
  • Annual Raw Material Requirements:              14,400 Tons
  • Labour Requirement 100% capacity:             approximately 100 Permanent Employees/Plant excluding Seasonal Workers
  • Daily paste output:                                    6T/day
  • Annual paste output:                                 1,440T/Annum


Products to be produced by ZAGRINDA (Pvt) Ltd for both Local and Foreign Markets


  • Local Market

The following products are being produced for the local market:-

  • Tomatoe Paste;
  • Mango Juice;
  • Granadilla Juice; and
  • Orange Juice.

The total current local annual demand of the various products listed above is 675 Metric Tonnes

  • Export Market

The following products will be produced for the Export market as well:-

  • Tomatoe Paste;
  • Mango Juice;
  • Apricot Juice;
  • Guava Juice;
  • Granadilla Juice;
  • Lemon Juice; and
  • Orange Juice.


1.2 Current Arrangement

On 20th October 2015, one of the Shareholders, the Agricultural and Rural Development Authority sought to partner the Beit Bridge Juicing (Pvt) Ltd (BBJ), a subsidiary of Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited (SZL) and the two formed a new Joint Venture Company called Best Fruit Processors (Pvt) Ltd (BFP) which subsequently entered into a 10-Year Toll Processing Arrangement with ZAGRINDA (Pvt) Ltd to commission both Plants. The shareholding structure is BBJ 70% and ARDA 30% stake.