Strategic Business Units

What We Offer

Energy and Power Resources

Seeks to leverage on ARDA’s existing infrastructure (Fuel Stations etc) to provide affordable bulk and retail fuel, renewable energy (Solar Solutions) to farmers across all segments (A1, A2, Commercial) and to give excess to other operational sectors like mining, logistics etc.

Trucks with tank trailer on parking lot
Old log cabin in the forest

Hospitality and Agro-Tourism

We are leveraging on ARDA’s natural Fauna, Flora and existing Lodges found across all its Estates to offer accommodation and activities for international and local tourists, corporates and individuals. In addition, ARDA offers educational and entertainment farm tours for those willing to learn and experience lives outside their norm.


The insurance arm offers affordable livestock, property, equipment cover to farmers, individuals and corporates across all segments.

Property insurance
Tractor plowing farm field in preparation for spring planting

Projects and Technical Services

This provides farmers access to the following services:

  • Tillage services (Tractor and implements hire)
  • Combine harvesting services
  • Soil prospection and GIS Services
  • Land and Irrigation Development Services

Additional Services

Exports and Business Development

FMCG Wholesaling

Livestock Technology and Development

Artificial Insemination

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